Financial Education and Counseling Services

We offer a variety of educational options for achieving financial literacy.


Financial Education at Your Pace

At Priority Trust Credit Union, we care about your financial wellness. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry-leading BALANCE to provide you with free access to expertly-crafted financial education and resources to help with your fiscal matters. And should you need, BALANCE can assist with confidential, no-cost financial counseling services to help you develop a sensible budget managing spending and debt. For all your financial life stage changes and more, we—in partnership with BALANCE—are here to help.

Debt and Budget Coaching

While there are hundreds of “debt counseling” organizations across the country, we have agreed to quality standards that include accreditation, certification of counselors, audits and core policies that ensure quality service. We offer a Debt Management Plan, and are committed to providing comprehensive money management education and counseling.

Homeownership Coaching

Navigating the complexities of housing can be overwhelming - whether you're dreaming of buying your first home or currently struggling with mortgage payments. That's where our knowledgeable counselors come in - ready to guide you towards a clearer understanding of everything. Rest assured that you don't have to face homeownership alone.

Credit Report Review

Our counseling services cover a broad range of topics like money management, housing, and debt management. Our professional counselors are fully certified credit report reviewers with an exceptional knowledge base. Think of them as your financial coaches, always ready to provide the right guidance and support, no matter your financial situation.

Free Webinars

Attend free money management webinars. Learn the basics of financial planning, and create a future of security and opportunities.